Frequently Asked Questions

Is this kit really free at my LYS?

Yes! Stop into any LYS who carries this kit and receive it for FREE! As a knitter, use this kit to teach a friend how to knit. If you’re a newbie, use this kit to learn! Be sure to post about it on social media using our hashtag #10000NewKnitters!

Can I just get a copy of the pattern?

After November 1st, the pattern can be downloaded digitally for free on Ravelry. Click here for more information.

Is the kit free if I purchase it online?

Yes! Simply pay the $5 per Kit shipping fee.

Is there Sales Tax on my Kit?

No.  Since the Kit is free and sales tax is not charged on shipping fees, we are not collecting sales tax.

Is there more info on your Shipping?

Yes!  See our Shipping page ...

Where can we follow you on Social Media?

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t forget to sign up for our free newsletter to stay abreast of the latest information!

I don’t have an LYS, how can I learn how to knit?

On the day of the event, we will be uploading a step-by-step video walk and talk through on our Video Support page and Facebook page. You’ll be able to pause, reply, or skip to any section of the project!

I'm allergic to wool. Do you have an alternative Yarn?

Unfortunately, in order to be able to offer this kit free of charge, we only have one yarn available for this kit. 

If you are looking to purchase an alternative, we recommend HiKoo® CoBaSi Plus, a non-wool alternative from skacel