Is it OK to wear eyeliner only on the bottom?

Is it OK to wear eyeliner only on the bottom?

Adding eyeliner is a perfect way to highlight your skin. Although most women want to be as easy as drawing a line across their eyes, there’s more to it than that.

Phase One: The eyes and the shadow choosing the correct eyeliner shade.

Many eyeliner shades look better than others with your eye color. You want to pick color eyeliner that goes well with your choice of shadow color.

The following colors of the eyeliner are typical for those with blue eyes: gray, marine and charcoal. The following eyeliner shades are popular for those with green eyes: gray, charcoal.

The following eyeliner colors are typical for those with pencil eyes: pencil or pen shades.

Phase Two: Think about the look if you wear eyeliner only on the bottom.

The look you want is important to remember how the eyeliner is applied. Pencil lines of makeup have a softer appearance, while liquid lines of makeup have a more detailed look.

Phase three: just keep the eyeliner as a brush.

Holding the eyelid in the same way you hold a pen helps you to control the line you draw more precisely. Holding it in another way would make it easier to submit.

Phase four: Slightly turn back the chin.

This offers you a great design angle while also allowing you to see what you do. Although it can be done without tilting the head back, it makes it easier.

Phase five: Top Eyelid use.

Start to put eyeliner under eyes, drawing from the nose to the edge of the head. Swallow up the line with your finger, a swab of cotton or a thin brush to lighten the feel.

If you use a liquid liner, ensure that it is applied easily and that it is fully dry before opening your eye. This means that the liquid liner does not touch the lips.