How to use body shimmer spray properly?

How to use body shimmer spray properly?

You can shimmer any part of your body. A little glitter will look great, be it cleavage, chest, legs or collarbone.

There are some places you can place this powder in front of you to make your evening party look through.

Today, shimmering shades of red and frosty eye are available on the market, but if you do not, it is ideal use body shimmer spray properly to highlight your chin’s temple and forehead, nose, chin and apple.

shimmer sprayChoose the right powder for the shimmer: If you have a tone of darkness and white, bronze or golden will go well.

Silver body shimmer is very good for fair skin, particularly if you wear a silver dress. Hot rose shimmers are appropriate for all tones of skin. So, wear shimmer in the right way as needed.

Accentuate your face

Dab some shimmering powder with a soft Makeup Brush, tap the excess powder and sweep the brush over sides of the slope, forehead, moose, chin.

It that look rough on your face, so wear it on your face if you have no other choice. You may use shimmering blouses, loose eye shadows and shiny dusts to highlight your hair.

skin emphasis

Skin emphasis

Do use glitter powder before dressing. The loose, bright powder can sprinkle on clothing. In the center of your cleavages, collar bones, arms and legs you will brush the water.

Make sure the skin has no hydrating or cream residue or it’ll be a sticky affair.

Shiny on your hair: Glossy can also be used to polish your hair. Put some in a brush and tap your head a bit.

Just tap it once or twice, because the look’s too much shimmering; less is more. Shimmer only looks good on dry hair, so do not use it if you have cream styling.