What is the difference between lip balm and lip gloss?

What is the difference between lip balm and lip gloss?

We bet that you can find at least two or three lipstick tubes, lip gloss when opening your bag. But what’s the difference in lip balm vs. lip gloss and which is the better choice?

And, above all, can you just cut one? The easiest difference between lip balm and lip gloss is to consider precisely what you do with your lips.

Lip Gloss

lip glossLip gloss adds a vibrant shine to lips and can either be worn on its own or over your usual lip color. Others are made to hydrate, but more for a strong, “wet lips” effect.

This ending creates frustration among those women who have made it their lifetime effort to find the “right” lip gloss: one that gives a high shine or a glitter, moisturizes, lasts and is not sticky.

Lift your hand if you have ever put lip gloss on it, step outside and inevitably get your hair caught in your mouth. We know that! We do!

The big issue with lip balm vs. lip gloss is that they actually do not hydrate, which is 9 times out of 10 this is why we first reach for the gloss.

You may blame this for unhealthy ingredients. You may also blame makeup producers for preference over food hydration.

wet lips

Lip Balm

The lip balm is special on the other hand. The shiny, smooth consistency works more like a protective barrier to dry, rash and degrading lips. Although originally intended for these may lip problems, they have developed over time.

The best lip balsams today are made from natural ingredients that keep the lips hydrated, smooth and soft. They’ve got color added.

People prefer to use their favorite lip balm as a foundation for their lipstick, and also as the best touch between applications in color. Some of them have absolutely replaced their lipsticks with tinted lip balms.